A proxy that facilitates message passing between the always-on live view and its corresponding playground page.


class PlaygroundRemoteLiveViewProxy


Because playground pages and the always-on live view run in separate processes, you use a PlaygroundRemoteLiveViewProxy as a wrapper for communicating with the always-on live view.

An instance of PlaygroundRemoteLiveViewProxy is automatically created when you've configured the always-on live view in a playground page's LiveView.swift file. It's assigned as the value of PlaygroundPage.current.liveView only when using always-on live view. Otherwise, that property is nil or a local view.

guard let remoteView = PlaygroundPage.current.liveView as? PlaygroundRemoteLiveViewProxy else {
    fatalError("The always-on live view wasn't configured in this page's LiveView.swift.")


Sending Messages

func send(PlaygroundValue)

Sends a message to the always-on live view.

Receiving Messages

var delegate: PlaygroundRemoteLiveViewProxyDelegate?

A delegate you use to handle messages from the live view.

func receive(PlaygroundValue)

Allows the proxy to receive a live view message from a remote object.

Handling Connection Changes

func liveViewMessageConnectionOpened()

Informs the proxy that it has connected to a remote object.

func liveViewMessageConnectionClosed()

Informs the proxy that the connection between the proxy and the remote object was closed.

Inspecting Live View Proxies

var playgroundLiveViewRepresentation: PlaygroundLiveViewRepresentation

A representation of the live view that this object is a proxy for.


See Also

Page-View Communication

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protocol PlaygroundRemoteLiveViewProxyDelegate

A delegate you use to receive messages from the always-on live view.

protocol PlaygroundLiveViewMessageHandler

A handler you use to send and receive messages between the always-on live view and its corresponding playground page.