The FxBitmap class provides the RAM-based image for software rendering.


@interface FxBitmap : FxImage


The FxBitmap class is a subclass of the FxImage class that represents an image in main memory. This is useful for plug-ins which cannot easily work on the GPU. Such plug-ins can perform their task on the CPU using the images from main memory.

An FxBitmap instance has accessors for getting a pointer to the location in memory where its image starts, how many bytes are in a single scanline of pixels, and how many bytes make up a single color channel of the image.

The FxBitmap class was first introduced in FxImage class 0.0.


Initializing a Bitmap

- initWithInfo:rowBytes:andData:

Initializes with the given image information structure and pixel buffer.

Accessing Bitmap Attributes

- dataPtr

Returns a pointer to the pixel buffer for the bitmap.

- setDataPtr:

Assigns the given pixel buffer to the bitmap.

- rowBytes

Returns the offset in bytes between the start of two rows.

- setRowBytes:

Sets the given bitmap’s row bytes value.

- dataPtrForPositionX:Y:

Returns a pointer to the pixel at the given position.


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Legacy Classes


The FxImage class is the parent class of the FxBitmap and FxTexture classes.


The FxTexture class defines the methods that allow VRAM-based images to be used for hardware-accelerated rendering.