For VoIP apps, reduce battery impact and deliver a better experience by registering for and receiving notifications.


The PushKit framework provides the classes for your iOS apps to receive VoIP pushes from remote servers. VoIP pushes provide the functionality that VoIP apps need to perform on-demand processing of the push before displaying a notification to the user.



class PKPushCredentials

An object that is used to encapsulate the granted push token and push type for an app.

class PKPushPayload

A class that contains information about a received remote push.

class PKPushRegistry

An object that requests the delivery of specialized push notifications and handles the receipt of those notifications.


protocol PKPushRegistryDelegate

A set of methods that a push registry delegate object must adopt.


struct PKPushType

Constants reflecting the push types you want to support.

static let complication: PKPushType

A push type for watchOS complications.

static let voIP: PKPushType

A Voice-over-IP (VoIP) push type.