An object that requests the delivery and handles the receipt of PushKit notifications.


class PKPushRegistry : NSObject


A PKPushRegistry object manages only certain types of notifications, such as high-priority notifications needed by a VoIP app. PushKit wakes up your app as needed to deliver incoming notifications and delivers the notifications directly to the push registry object that requested them.

Every time your app launches, whether in the foreground or in the background, create a push registry object and configure it. Typically, you keep the push registry object running for the duration of your app. Each push registry object delivers incoming notifications to its delegate object, which also handles the responses for registration requests. Listing 1 shows how to create a push registry object and request VoIP notifications. Always assign an appropriate delegate object before modifying the desiredPushTypes property.

Listing 1

Creating and configuring a push registry object

func registerForVoIPPushes() {
    self.voipRegistry = PKPushRegistry(queue: nil)
    self.voipRegistry.delegate = self
    self.voipRegistry.desiredPushTypes = [PKPushTypeVoIP]

Assigning a new value to the desiredPushTypes property registers the push registry object with the PushKit servers. The server reports the success or failure of your registration attempts asynchronously to the push registery, which then reports those results to its delegate object. The push registry also delivers all received notifications to the delegate object. For more information about the delegate methods, see PKPushRegistryDelegate.


Initializing a Push Registry

init(queue: DispatchQueue?)

Creates a push registry with the specified dispatch queue.

Receiving the Notification Data

var delegate: PKPushRegistryDelegate?

The delegate object that receives notifications coming from the push registry object.

protocol PKPushRegistryDelegate

The methods that you use to handle incoming PushKit notifications and registration events.

Managing the Push Registry

var desiredPushTypes: Set<PKPushType>?

Registers the push types for this push registry object.

func pushToken(for: PKPushType) -> Data?

Retrieves the locally cached push token for the specified push type.


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protocol PKPushRegistryDelegate

The methods that you use to handle incoming PushKit notifications and registration events.

class PKPushCredentials

An object that encapsulates the push token and push type for an app.

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