The IKDeviceBrowserView allows you to select a camera or scanner from a list of the available devices.


class IKDeviceBrowserView : NSView



The IKDeviceBrowserView delegate must conform to the IKDeviceBrowserViewDelegate protocol. The delegate provides methods to inform you of selection changes in the browser as well as errors encountered when creating the browser list.


Getting the Selected Device

var selectedDevice: ICDevice!

Returns the selected device.

Specifying the Device Types to Display

var displaysLocalCameras: Bool

Specifies whether local cameras are displayed by the browser.

var displaysNetworkCameras: Bool

Specifies whether network cameras are displayed by the browser.

var displaysLocalScanners: Bool

Specifies whether local scanners are displayed by the browser.

var displaysNetworkScanners: Bool

Specifies whether network scanners are displayed by the browser.

Specifying the Display Mode

var mode: IKDeviceBrowserViewDisplayMode

Specifies the browser display mode.

Getting and Setting the Delegate

var delegate: IKDeviceBrowserViewDelegate!

Specifies the delegate object.


enum IKDeviceBrowserViewDisplayMode

These constants specify the display mode of the device browser.