Instance Method


Returns a view that contains a filter browser.


- (IKFilterBrowserView *)filterBrowserViewWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)inOptions;



A dictionary of options that describe the configuration to use for the filter browser user interface. For the possible keys you can supply see Filter Browser Option Keys and the constant IKUISizeFlavor.

Return Value

A filter browser view that is configured as specified.


Use this method to add a view that contains the filter browser to your custom user interface. To dismiss the filter browser view, invoke the finish: method.

See Also

Displaying and Running the Panel

- beginWithOptions:modelessDelegate:didEndSelector:contextInfo:

Displays the filter browser in a new utility window, unless the filter browser is already open.

- beginSheetWithOptions:modalForWindow:modalDelegate:didEndSelector:contextInfo:

Displays the filter browser in a sheet—that is, a dialog that is attached to its parent window and must be dismissed by the user.

- runModalWithOptions:

Displays the filter browser in a modal dialog that must be dismissed by the user but that is not attached to a window.

- finish:

Closes a filter browser view.