A class that is used to display a cell conforming to the IKImageBrowserItem Protocol in an IKImageBrowserView.


class IKImageBrowserCell : NSObject


Cell Component Frames

func frame() -> NSRect

Returns the receiver’s frame rectangle, which defines its position in its IKImageBrowserView.

func imageFrame() -> NSRect

Returns the receiver’s image frame rectangle, which defines the position of the thumbnail in its IKImageBrowserView.

func subtitleFrame() -> NSRect

Returns the receiver’s subtitle frame rectangle.

func titleFrame() -> NSRect

Returns the receiver’s title frame rectangle.

func imageContainerFrame() -> NSRect

Returns the receiver’s image container frame rectangle, which defines the position of the container of the thumbnail.

Represented Item

func indexOfRepresentedItem() -> Int

Returns the index of the receiver’s represented object in the datasource.

func representedItem() -> Any!

Returns the receiver’s represented object.

Selection Handling

func isSelected() -> Bool

Returns whether the cell is selected.

func selectionFrame() -> NSRect

Returns the receiver’s selection frame rectangle, which defines the position of the selection rectangle in its IKImageBrowserView.

Cell Content Display

func imageAlignment() -> NSImageAlignment

Returns the position of the cell’s image in the frame.

func opacity() -> CGFloat

Returns the opacity of the receiver.

Getting The Cell State

func cellState() -> IKImageBrowserCellState

Returns the current cell state of the receiver.

Core Animation Integration

func layer(forType: String!) -> CALayer!

Returns a layer for the specified position.

Getting The Parent Browser View

func imageBrowserView() -> IKImageBrowserView!

Returns the view the receiver uses to display the cell.


struct IKImageBrowserCellState

The possible states for the browser cell. These values are used by the cellState() method.

Cell Layer Positions

Optional positioning of additional layers displayed with the cell. Used by the layer(forType:) method.


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