The IKImageEditPanelDataSource protocol describes the methods that an IKImageEditPanel object uses to access the contents of its data source object.


protocol IKImageEditPanelDataSource


Getting and Setting Image Properties

func imageProperties() -> [AnyHashable : Any]!

Returns a dictionary of the image properties associated with the image in the image edit panel.

func setImage(CGImage!, imageProperties: [AnyHashable : Any]!)

Sets an image with the specified properties.


Getting Images From the Data Source

func image() -> Unmanaged<CGImage>!

Returns an image.


func thumbnail(withMaximumSize: NSSize) -> Unmanaged<CGImage>!

Returns a thumbnail image whose size is no larger than the specified size.

New Methods

func hasAdjustMode() -> Bool

Returns whether the adjust mode view tab should be displayed.

func hasDetailsMode() -> Bool

Returns whether the details mode view tab should be displayed.

func hasEffectsMode() -> Bool

Returns whether the effects mode view tab should be displayed.