The IKPictureTaker class represents a panel that allows users to choose images by browsing the file system. The picture taker panel provides an Open Recent menu, supports image cropping, and supports taking snapshots from an iSight or other digital camera.


class IKPictureTaker : NSPanel


Creating And Displaying The Picture Taker

class func pictureTaker() -> IKPictureTaker!

Returns a shared IKPictureTaker instance, creating it if necessary.

func runModal() -> Int

Opens a modal picture taker dialog.

Getting and Setting Images

func setInputImage(NSImage!)

Set the image input for the picture taker.

func inputImage() -> NSImage!

Returns the input image associated with the picture taker.

func outputImage() -> NSImage!

Returns the edited image.

Getting and Setting Mirroring

func setMirroring(Bool)

Controls whether the receiver enables video mirroring during snapshots.

func mirroring() -> Bool

Returns whether video mirroring is enabled during snapshots.


Picture Taker Keys

Keys for customizing the picture taker appearance and behavior. These values are set by sending the picture taker instance setValue:forKey.