The IKSaveOptions class initializes, adds, and manages user interface options for saving image data.


class IKSaveOptions : NSObject


Creating A Save Options Accessory View

init!(imageProperties: [AnyHashable : Any]!, imageUTType: String!)

Initializes a save options accessory pane for the provided image properties and uniform type identifier.

func addAccessoryView(to: NSSavePanel!)

Adds IKSaveOptions accessory view to a NSSavePanel.

Retrieving User Responses

var imageProperties: [AnyHashable : Any]!

Returns a dictionary of updated image properties that reflects the user’s selection.

var imageUTType: String!

Returns the uniform type identifier that reflects the user’s selection.

var userSelection: [AnyHashable : Any]!

Returns a dictionary that contains the save options selected by the user.

Getting and Setting the delegate

var delegate: AnyObject!

Specifies the delegate object.

File Type Filtering

func saveOptions(IKSaveOptions!, shouldShowUTType: String!) -> Bool

Called to determine if the specified uniform type identifier should be shown in the save panel.

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