The IKScannerDeviceView class displays a view that allows scanning. It can be customized by specifying the display mode. The delegate receives the scanned data and must implement the IKScannerDeviceViewDelegate protocol.


class IKScannerDeviceView : NSView


Setting the Scanner Device

var scannerDevice: ICScannerDevice!

The device used for scanning

Display Mode of the Device View

var mode: IKScannerDeviceViewDisplayMode

The display mode used by the device view.

var hasDisplayModeAdvanced: Bool

Returns whether the scanner view is using the advanced display mode.

var hasDisplayModeSimple: Bool

Returns whether the scanner view is using the simple display mode.

Configuring Downloading

var displaysDownloadsDirectoryControl: Bool

Determines whether the downloads directory control is displayed.

var downloadsDirectory: URL!

The directory where scans are saved.

var transferMode: IKScannerDeviceViewTransferMode

Determines how the scanned content is provided to the delegate.

var documentName: String!

Returns the document name.

Specifying a Post Processing Application

var displaysPostProcessApplicationControl: Bool

Specifies whether the post processing application control is displayed.

var postProcessApplication: URL!

The URL of the application to use for post processing of the scan.

Getting and Setting the Delegate

Customizing Button Labels

var overviewControlLabel: String!

Allows customization of the “Overview” label.

var scanControlLabel: String!

Allows customization of the “Scan” label.


enum IKScannerDeviceViewTransferMode

These constants determine how the scanner data is returned to the delegate. They are used by the transferMode property.

enum IKScannerDeviceViewDisplayMode

These constants specify the display mode the scanner view will use. They are used by the mode property.