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class IKCameraDeviceView

The IKCameraDeviceView class displays the contents of the selected camera.

class IKDeviceBrowserView

The IKDeviceBrowserView allows you to select a camera or scanner from a list of the available devices.

class IKFilterBrowserPanel

The IKFilterBrowserPanel class provides a user interface that allows users to browse Core Image filters (CIFilter), to preview a filter, and to get additional information about the filter, such as its description.

class IKFilterBrowserView

The IKFilterBrowserView class is used as a container for the elements of an IKFilterBrowserPanel object.

class IKFilterUIView

The IKFilterUIView class provides a view that contains input parameter controls for a Core Image filter (CIFilter). You need to use this class when providing a user interface for a custom filter. The class creates a view that has an object controller for the given filter. It also retains the filter.

class IKImageBrowserCell

A class that is used to display a cell conforming to the IKImageBrowserItem Protocol in an IKImageBrowserView.

class IKImageBrowserView

The IKImageBrowserView class is a view for displaying and browsing a large amount of images and movies efficiently. This class will be deprecated in a future release. Please switch to NSCollectionView instead.

class IKImageEditPanel

The IKImageEditPanel class provides a panel, that is, a utility window that floats on top of document windows, optimized for image editing.

class IKImageView

The IKImageView class provides an efficient way to display images in a view while at the same time supporting a number of image editing operations such as rotating, zooming, and cropping. It supports drag and drop for the NSFilenamesPboardType flavor so that the user can drag an image to the view. If possible, image rendering uses hardware acceleration to achieve optimal performance. The IKImageView class is implemented as a subclass of NSView. Similar to NSImageView, the IKImageView class is used to display a single image.

class IKPictureTaker

The IKPictureTaker class represents a panel that allows users to choose images by browsing the file system. The picture taker panel provides an Open Recent menu, supports image cropping, and supports taking snapshots from an iSight or other digital camera.

class IKSaveOptions

The IKSaveOptions class initializes, adds, and manages user interface options for saving image data.

class IKScannerDeviceView

The IKScannerDeviceView class displays a view that allows scanning. It can be customized by specifying the display mode. The delegate receives the scanned data and must implement the IKScannerDeviceViewDelegate protocol.

class IKSlideshow

The IKSlideshow class encapsulates a data source and options for a slideshow.


protocol IKCameraDeviceViewDelegate

The IKCameraDeviceViewDelegate protocol is adopted by the delegate of the IKCameraDeviceView class. It allows downloading of camera content, handling selection changes, and handling errors.

protocol IKDeviceBrowserViewDelegate

The IKDeviceBrowserViewDelegate defines the methods that the delegate of the IKDeviceBrowserView class can implement. All the methods are optional.

protocol IKFilterCustomUIProvider

The IKFilterCustomUIProvider protocol is an addition to the CIFilter class that defines a method for providing a view for a filter. This protocol is implemented by any filter that provides its own user interface.

IKImageBrowserDataSource Protocol

The IKImageBrowserDataSource informal protocol declares the methods that an instance of the IKImageBrowserView class uses to access the contents of its data source object.

IKImageBrowserDelegate Protocol

The IKImageBrowserDelegate is an informal protocol for the delegate of an IKImageBrowserView object. You can implement these methods to perform custom tasks when in response to events in the image browser view.

IKImageBrowserItem Protocol

The IKImageBrowserItem informal protocol declares the methods that an instance of the IKImageBrowserView class uses to access the contents of its data source for a given item. Some of the methods in this protocol are needed frequently, so you should implement them efficiently.

protocol IKImageEditPanelDataSource

The IKImageEditPanelDataSource protocol describes the methods that an IKImageEditPanel object uses to access the contents of its data source object.

protocol IKScannerDeviceViewDelegate

The IKScannerDeviceViewDelegate protocol defines the delegate protocol that the IKScannerDeviceView delegate must conform to.

protocol IKSlideshowDataSource

The IKSlideshowDataSource protocol describes the methods that an IKSlideshow object uses to access the contents of its data source object.


struct IKImageBrowserCellState

The possible states for the browser cell. These values are used by the cellState() method.

struct IKImageBrowserDropOperation

These constants specify the locations for dropping items onto the browser view. Used by the method setDrop(_:dropOperation:).

Extended Types

class CIFilter

An image processor that produces an image by manipulating one or more input images or by generating new image data.