IKImageBrowserDataSource Protocol

The IKImageBrowserDataSource informal protocol declares the methods that an instance of the IKImageBrowserView class uses to access the contents of its data source object.


Providing Information About Items (Required)

- numberOfItemsInImageBrowser:

Returns the number of records managed by the data source object.

- imageBrowser:itemAtIndex:

Returns an object for the item in an image browser view that corresponds to the specified index.

Supporting Item Editing (Optional)

- imageBrowser:removeItemsAtIndexes:

Signals that a remove operation should be applied to the specified items.

- imageBrowser:moveItemsAtIndexes:toIndex:

Signals that the specified items should be moved to the specified destination.

- imageBrowser:writeItemsAtIndexes:toPasteboard:

Signals that a drag should begin.

Providing Information About Groups (Optional)

- numberOfGroupsInImageBrowser:

Returns the number of groups in an image browser view.

- imageBrowser:groupAtIndex:

Returns the group at the specified index.