The QCCompositionRepository class represents a system-wide centralized repository of built-in and installed Quartz Composer compositions (/Library/Compositions and ~/Library/Compositions). The QCCompositionRepository class cannot be subclassed.


class QCCompositionRepository : NSObject


Compositions in the repository are represented by the QCComposition class. You can use the methods of the QCCompositionRepository class to fetch all compositions or only those that meet specific criteria.


Getting the Composition Repository

class func shared() -> QCCompositionRepository!

Returns the shared instance of the composition repository.

Fetching Compositions

func composition(withIdentifier: String!) -> QCComposition!

Returns the composition that corresponds to the identifier.

func compositions(withProtocols: [Any]!, andAttributes: [AnyHashable : Any]!) -> [Any]!

Returns an array of compositions that match a set of criteria.

func allCompositions() -> [Any]!

Returns an array that contains all compositions currently in the composition repository.


static let QCCompositionRepositoryDidUpdate: NSNotification.Name

Posted whenever the list of compositions in the composition repository is updated.


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