A protocol for implementing a custom controller to create previews of files.


protocol QLPreviewingController


A controller that implements the QLPreviewingController protocol must at least implement preparePreviewOfSearchableItem(identifier:queryString:completionHandler:) or preparePreviewOfFile(at:completionHandler:).


Creating a Preview

func preparePreviewOfFile(at: URL, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Prepares the preview of a file at the given file’s URL.

func preparePreviewOfSearchableItem(identifier: String, queryString: String?, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Prepares the preview for a file by using the data from Spotlight’s searchable item.


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Previews and Thumbails

class QLPreviewController

A specialized view controller for previewing an item.

protocol QLPreviewItem

A protocol that defines properties you implement to make your application’s content visible in a preview.

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