Instance Method


Instructs the panel to enter full screen mode.


func enterFullScreenMode(_ screen: NSScreen!, withOptions options: [AnyHashable : Any]! = [:]) -> Bool



This parameter is not currently used—pass nil.


This parameter is not currently used—pass nil.

Return Value

true if the panel was able to enter full screen mode, otherwise false.


If panel is not on-screen, the panel will go directly to full screen mode.

The panel will choose the appropriate screen depending on where the panel is or, if entering fullscreen directly, where the panel is supposed to zoom from (see QLPreviewPanelDelegate).

See Also

Managing Full Screen Mode

func exitFullScreenMode(options: [AnyHashable : Any]!)

Instructs the panel to exit full screen mode.

var isInFullScreenMode: Bool

Indicates whether the panel is in full screen mode.