Rotates t by angle radians about the vector (x, y, z) and returns the result.


func CATransform3DRotate(_ t: CATransform3D, _ angle: CGFloat, _ x: CGFloat, _ y: CGFloat, _ z: CGFloat) -> CATransform3D


If the vector has zero length, the behavior is undefined: t = rotation(angle, x, y, z) * t.

See Also

Chaining Transforms

func CATransform3DConcat(CATransform3D, CATransform3D) -> CATransform3D

Concatenates b to a and returns the result: t = a * b.

func CATransform3DTranslate(CATransform3D, CGFloat, CGFloat, CGFloat) -> CATransform3D

Translates t by (tx, ty, tz) and returns the result: t = translate(tx, ty, tz) * t.

func CATransform3DScale(CATransform3D, CGFloat, CGFloat, CGFloat) -> CATransform3D

Scales t by (sx, sy, sz) and returns the result: t = scale(sx, sy, sz) * t.