Instance Property


The number of frames that must pass before the display link notifies the target again.


var frameInterval: Int { get set }


The default value is 1, which results in your application being notified at the refresh rate of the display. If the value is set to a value larger than 1, the display link notifies your application at a fraction of the native refresh rate. For example, setting the interval to 2 causes the display link to fire every other frame, providing half the frame rate.

Setting this value to less than 1 results in undefined behavior and is a programmer error.

See Also

Configuring the Display Link

var duration: CFTimeInterval

The time interval between screen refresh updates.

var preferredFramesPerSecond: Int

The preferred frame rate for the display link callback.

var isPaused: Bool

A Boolean value that states whether the display link’s notifications to the target are suspended.

var timestamp: CFTimeInterval

The time value associated with the last frame that was displayed.

var targetTimestamp: CFTimeInterval

The time value associated with the next frame that was displayed.