Instance Property


The preferred frame rate for the display link callback.


@property(nonatomic) NSInteger preferredFramesPerSecond;


When you specify a preferred frame rate for a display link, it notifies the target at a rate as close as possible based on the capabilities on the hardware and other tasks your game or app may be executing. The actual frame rate chosen is usually a factor of the maximum refresh rate of the screen to provide a consistent frame rate. For example, if the maximum refresh rate of the screen is 60 frames per second, that is also the highest frame rate the display link sets as the actual frame rate. However, if you ask for a lower frame rate, the display link might choose 30, 20, or 15 frames per second, or another rate, as the actual frame rate. Choose a frame rate that your app can consistently maintain.

The default value is 0. When this value is 0, the preferred frame rate is equal to the maximum refresh rate of the display, as indicated by the maximumFramesPerSecond property. See Setting Refresh Rates on ProMotion and Traditional Displays for more information.

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