Type Method


Creates EDR metadata for HDR10 content based on the luminance characteristics of a mastering display.


+ (CAEDRMetadata *)HDR10MetadataWithMinLuminance:(float)minNits maxLuminance:(float)maxNits opticalOutputScale:(float)scale;



The minimum nits (cd/m^2) of the mastering display.


The maximum nits (cd/m^2) of the mastering display.


A scale factor relating (display-referred linear) extended range buffer values to the optical output of a reference display.

Return Value

A new EDR metadata object.


Any content greater than the maximum luminance (maxNits) may be clamped when displayed.

The values in the drawable's texture are assumed to be proportional to the optical output (in cd/m^2) of the reference display. For example, if the optical output scale is 100, then a value of 1.0 is assumed to be 100 nits.

If the content is in a normalized pixel format, set opticalOutputScale to 10000.

See Also

Retrieving HDR10 Metadata

+ HDR10MetadataWithDisplayInfo:contentInfo:opticalOutputScale:

Creates EDR metadata for HDR10 content based on mastering display color information and content light levels.