Instance Property


An optional array of CAMediaTimingFunction objects that define the pacing for each keyframe segment.


@property(copy) NSArray<CAMediaTimingFunction *> *timingFunctions;


You can use this array to apply ease-in, ease-out, or custom timing curves to the points that lie between two keyframe values. If the number of keyframes in the values property is n, then this property should contain n-1 objects.

If you provide timing information in the keyTimes property, the timing functions you specify using this property further modify the timing between those values. If you do not assign a value to the keyTimes property, the timing functions modify the default timing provided by the animation object.

If you also specify a timing function in the animation object’s timingFunction property, that function is applied first followed by the timing function for the specific keyframe segment.

For information on how to create a timing function, see CAMediaTimingFunction.

See Also

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