Instance Property


The anchor point for the layer’s position along the z axis. Animatable.


var anchorPointZ: CGFloat { get set }


This property specifies the anchor point on the z axis around which geometric manipulations occur. The point is expressed as a distance (measured in points) along the z axis. The default value of this property is 0.

See Also

Modifying the Layer Geometry

var frame: CGRect

The layer’s frame rectangle.

var bounds: CGRect

The layer’s bounds rectangle. Animatable.

var position: CGPoint

The layer’s position in its superlayer’s coordinate space. Animatable.

var zPosition: CGFloat

The layer’s position on the z axis. Animatable.

var anchorPoint: CGPoint

Defines the anchor point of the layer's bounds rectangle. Animatable.

var contentsScale: CGFloat

The scale factor applied to the layer.