Instance Method


Inserts the specified sublayer above a different sublayer that already belongs to the receiver.


func insertSublayer(_ layer: CALayer, above sibling: CALayer?)



The sublayer to be inserted into the current layer.


An existing sublayer in the current layer. The layer in aLayer is inserted after this layer in the sublayers array, and thus appears in front of it visually.


If sublayer is not in the receiver’s sublayers array, this method raises an exception.

See Also

Managing the Layer Hierarchy

var sublayers: [CALayer]?

An array containing the layer’s sublayers.

var superlayer: CALayer?

The superlayer of the layer.

func addSublayer(CALayer)

Appends the layer to the layer’s list of sublayers.

func removeFromSuperlayer()

Detaches the layer from its parent layer.

func insertSublayer(CALayer, at: UInt32)

Inserts the specified layer into the receiver’s list of sublayers at the specified index.

func insertSublayer(CALayer, below: CALayer?)

Inserts the specified sublayer below a different sublayer that already belongs to the receiver.

func replaceSublayer(CALayer, with: CALayer)

Replaces the specified sublayer with a different layer object.