Instance Property


The filter used when reducing the size of the content.


var minificationFilter: CALayerContentsFilter { get set }


The possible values for this property are listed in Scaling Filters.

The default value of this property is linear.

See Also

Layer Filters

var filters: [Any]?

An array of Core Image filters to apply to the contents of the layer and its sublayers. Animatable.

var compositingFilter: Any?

A CoreImage filter used to composite the layer and the content behind it. Animatable.

var backgroundFilters: [Any]?

An array of Core Image filters to apply to the content immediately behind the layer. Animatable.

var minificationFilterBias: Float

The bias factor used by the minification filter to determine the levels of detail.

var magnificationFilter: CALayerContentsFilter

The filter used when increasing the size of the content.

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