Instance Property


An array of Core Image filters to apply to the contents of the layer and its sublayers. Animatable.


@property(copy) NSArray *filters;


The filters you add to this property affect the content of the layer, including its border, filled background and sublayers. The default value of this property is nil.

Changing the inputs of the CIFilter object directly after it is attached to the layer causes undefined behavior. It is possible to modify filter parameters after attaching them to the layer but you must use the layer’s setValue:forKeyPath: method to do so. In addition, you must assign a name to the filter so that you can identify it in the array. For example, to change the inputRadius parameter of the filter, you could use code similar to the following:

CIFilter *filter = ...;
CALayer *layer = ...; = @"myFilter";
layer.filters = [NSArray arrayWithObject:filter];
[layer setValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:1] forKeyPath:@"filters.myFilter.inputRadius"];

Special Considerations

This property is not supported on layers in iOS.

See Also

Layer Filters


A CoreImage filter used to composite the layer and the content behind it. Animatable.


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