Methods that allow an object to manage the layout of a layer and its sublayers.


protocol CALayoutManager


Managing Layout

func invalidateLayout(of: CALayer)

Invalidates the layout of a layer so it knows to refresh its content on the next frame.

func layoutSublayers(of: CALayer)

Override to customize layout of sublayers whenever the layer needs redrawing.

func preferredSize(of: CALayer) -> CGSize

Override to customize layer size.


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See Also

Layer Basics

class CALayer

An object that manages image-based content and allows you to perform animations on that content.

protocol CALayerDelegate

Methods your app can implement to respond to layer-related events.

class CAConstraint

A representation of a single layout constraint between two layers.

class CAConstraintLayoutManager

An object that provides a constraint-based layout manager.

protocol CAAction

An interface that allows objects to respond to actions triggered by a CALayer change.