Instance Property


The mass of the object attached to the end of the spring.


var mass: CGFloat { get set }


The default mass is 1. Increasing this value will increase the spring effect: the attached object will be subject to more oscillations and greater overshoot, resulting in an increased settlingDuration. Decreasing the mass will reduce the spring effect: there will be fewer oscillations and a reduced overshoot, resulting in a decreased settlingDuration.

See Also

Configuring Physical Attributes

var damping: CGFloat

Defines how the spring’s motion should be damped due to the forces of friction.

var initialVelocity: CGFloat

The initial velocity of the object attached to the spring.

var settlingDuration: CFTimeInterval

The estimated duration required for the spring system to be considered at rest.

var stiffness: CGFloat

The spring stiffness coefficient.