An object that provides an animated transition between a layer's states.


class CATransition : CAAnimation


You can transition between a layer's states by creating and adding a CATransition object to it. The default transition is a cross fade, but you can specify different effects from a set of predefined transitions.

Listing 1 shows how you can transition between the two states of a CATextLayer named transitioningLayer. When the layer is first created, its backgroundColor is set to red and its string property is set to Red. When the runTransition() function is called, a new CATransition object is created and added to transitioningLayer, and the state of the layer is changed so that its background color is blue and its rendered text reads Blue.

The end result is that the push transition animates the red state from left to right with the blue state entering the scene from the left.

Listing 1

Transitioning between a layer's states

let transitioningLayer = CATextLayer()
override func viewDidLoad() {
    transitioningLayer.frame = CGRect(x: 10, y: 10,
                                      width: 320, height: 160)
    // Initial "red" state
    transitioningLayer.backgroundColor =
    transitioningLayer.string = "Red"
func runTransition() {
    let transition = CATransition()
    transition.duration = 2
    transition.type = kCATransitionPush
                           forKey: "transition")
    // Transition to "blue" state
    transitioningLayer.backgroundColor =
    transitioningLayer.string = "Blue"


Transition start and end point

var startProgress: Float

Indicates the start point of the receiver as a fraction of the entire transition.

var endProgress: Float

Indicates the end point of the receiver as a fraction of the entire transition.

Transition Properties

var type: CATransitionType

Specifies the predefined transition type.

var subtype: CATransitionSubtype?

Specifies an optional subtype that indicates the direction for the predefined motion-based transitions.

Custom transition filter

var filter: Any?

An optional Core Image filter object that provides the transition.


Common Transition Types

These constants specify the transition types that can be used with the type property.

Common Transition Subtypes

These constants specify the direction of motion-based transitions. They are used with the subtype property.


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