An object that provides a flexible method of defining animated transformations.


class CAValueFunction : NSObject


You can use a value function to specify the individual components of an animated transform.

For example, to create a basic animation that rotates a layer from 0° to 180° around its z-axis, you would create a CABasicAnimation object with a fromValue of 0, a toValue of pi, and a valueFunction of a CAValueFunction with a function name of rotateZ.

Listing 1 shows how you would create such a rotation and apply it to a CALayer named rotatingLayer.

Listing 1

Animating a layer's rotation

let rotateAnimation = CABasicAnimation()
rotateAnimation.valueFunction = CAValueFunction(name: kCAValueFunctionRotateZ)
rotateAnimation.fromValue = 0
rotateAnimation.toValue = Float.pi
rotateAnimation.duration = 3
                  forKey: "transform")

The value functions scale and translate require 3 values, for the individual x, y and z components. When working with these value functions, you specify the animation's fromValue and toValue as arrays.

Listing 2 shows how you could animate a layer's scale from 0 to 1 using a value function.

Listing 2

Animating a layer's scale

let scaleAnimation = CABasicAnimation()
scaleAnimation.valueFunction = CAValueFunction(name: kCAValueFunctionScale)
scaleAnimation.fromValue = [0, 0, 0]
scaleAnimation.toValue = [1, 1, 1]
scaleAnimation.duration = 3
                 forKey: "transform")


Getting Value Function Properties

var name: CAValueFunctionName

Returns the name of the value function.

Creating and Initializing Value Functions

init?(name: CAValueFunctionName)

Returns the value function object identified by the name.


Rotate Value Functions

Rotate value transform functions construct a 4x4 matrix that represents the corresponding rotation matrix.

Scale Value Functions

Scale value transform functions construct a 4x4 matrix that represents the corresponding scale matrix.

Translate Functions

Translate value transform functions construct a 4x4 matrix that represents the corresponding translate matrix.


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See Also


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