Create previews of files to use inside your app, or perform simple edits on previews.


When showing files in your app, including the ability to quickly preview a file and its content can be helpful to your users. For example, you may want to allow users to zoom into a photo, play back an audio file, and so on. Use the QuickLook framework to show a preview of common file types in your app that allow basic interactions. QuickLook can generate previews for common file types, including:

  • iWork and Microsoft Office documents

  • Images

  • Live Photos

  • Text files

  • PDFs

  • Audio and video files

  • Augmented reality objects that use the usdz file format (iOS and iPadOS only)

On iOS devices, the QuickLook framework provides functionality for performing simple edits on previews of common file types; for example, users can add markup to an image. To perform more advanced edits on files, provide advanced playback features, display a file’s content next to text, or add views on top of the preview, use lower-level APIs. For example, use AVPlayer to provide advanced video playback features.


Previews and Thumbails

class QLPreviewController

A specialized view controller for previewing an item.

protocol QLPreviewItem

A protocol that defines properties you implement to make your application’s content visible in a preview.

protocol QLPreviewingController

A protocol for implementing a custom controller to create previews of files.

Previews or Thumbnail Images for macOS 10.14 or Earlier

Create thumbnail images or previews of common files and custom file types on earlier versions of macOS.