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class QLPreviewController

A QLPreviewController object, or Quick Look preview controller, provides a specialized view for previewing an item. To display a Quick Look preview controller you have two options: You can push it into view using a UINavigationController object, or can present it modally, full screen, using the presentModalViewController:animated: method of its parent class, UIViewController.

class QLPreviewRequest

An opaque reference representing an QLPreviewRequest object.

class QLThumbnailRequest

An opaque reference representing an QLThumbnailRequest object.


protocol QLPreviewControllerDataSource

The data source for a QLPreviewController (Quick Look preview controller) object must adopt this protocol to enable it to provide preview items to the controller.

protocol QLPreviewControllerDelegate

Implement the methods of this protocol in the delegate of a QLPreviewController (Quick Look preview controller) object to:

protocol QLPreviewItem

The QLPreviewItem protocol defines properties you implement to make your application’s content visible in a QuickLook preview (QLPreviewController in iOS or QLPreviewPanel in macOS).

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