Creates a graphics context to draw the preview in.


func QLPreviewRequestCreateContext(_ preview: QLPreviewRequest!, _ size: CGSize, _ isBitmap: Bool, _ properties: CFDictionary!) -> Unmanaged<CGContext>!



The preview request object.


The size of the preview; if isBitmap is true the size is in pixels, otherwise it is in points.


true if the preview uses a bitmap-based graphics context, false otherwise. This value of this parameter affects the interpretation of the size parameter.


A dictionary containing properties for the preview response. Preview Properties lists the current property keys and describes their values.

Return Value

A Core Graphics graphics-context object that you can draw your preview image in. You should explicitly release this object when it is no longer needed.


You can directly draw your preview data in the graphics-context object created by this function. After calling this function, you should flush the context with QLPreviewRequestFlushContext(_:_:). Also be sure to release the CGContext object.

Quick Look provides three types of graphics contexts for drawing previews: bitmap, single-page vector-based, and multi-page vector-based (for PDF previews). You use this function to acquire a context for bitmap and single-page vector drawing; the isBitmap parameter is used to distinguish between them. For multi-page contexts, use the QLPreviewRequestCreatePDFContext(_:_:_:_:) function.

If you prefer to work in Objective-C code, you can convert the created CGContext to a NSGraphicsContext object using init(graphicsPort:flipped:).

Special Considerations

Thread-safety: This function should be called in the same thread as the preview request is made in; generally, this is the same thread in which the GeneratePreviewForURL callback was invoked.

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