An object that generates thumbnail images based on provided requirements.


class QLThumbnailGenerator : NSObject


Getting the Generator Instance

class var shared: QLThumbnailGenerator

The singleton thumbnail generator instance.

Generating a Thumbnail

func generateBestRepresentation(for: QLThumbnailGenerator.Request, completion: (QLThumbnailRepresentation?, Error?) -> Void)

Generates the best possible thumbnail representation for a file and calls a handler upon completion.

func generateRepresentations(for: QLThumbnailGenerator.Request, update: ((QLThumbnailRepresentation?, QLThumbnailRepresentation.RepresentationType, Error?) -> Void)?)

Generates various thumbnail representations for a file and calls the update handler for each thumbnail representation.

class QLThumbnailGenerator.Request

A request to generate a thumbnail for a file.

Saving a Thumbnail

func saveBestRepresentation(for: QLThumbnailGenerator.Request, to: URL, contentType: String, completion: (Error?) -> Void)

Saves the best representation of thumbnail for a specific request to the specified URL.


func cancel(QLThumbnailGenerator.Request)

Cancels the generation of a thumbnail for a given request.


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class QLThumbnailRepresentation

The representation of a thumbnail.