The representation of a thumbnail.


class QLThumbnailRepresentation : NSObject


QuickLookThumbnailing is a non-UI framework, so your app doesn’t have to link to either UIKit or AppKit. It generates a thumbnail as a Core Graphics image object and makes the thumbnail available as the cgImage property. In case an app links to AppKit or UIKit, the thumbnail is available through the nsImage or uiImage properties.

See QLThumbnailGenerator.Request.RepresentationTypes for more information about the different types of thumbnails that QLThumbnailGenerator can create.


Thumbnail Images

var cgImage: CGImage

A thumbnail in the form of a Core Graphics image object.

var nsImage: NSImage

A thumbnail in the form of an AppKit image object.

var uiImage: UIImage

A thumbnail in the form of a UIKit image object.

enum QLThumbnailRepresentation.RepresentationType

The different types of thumbnails that you can create.


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Thumbnail Generation

Creating Quick Look Thumbnails to Preview Files in Your App

Generate thumbnails of images, text files, PDFs, audio files, videos, and more.

class QLThumbnailGenerator

An object that generates thumbnail images based on provided requirements.