Instance Method


Changes the entity’s anchoring, preserving either the world transform or the local transform.


func reanchor(_ target: AnchoringComponent.Target, preservingWorldTransform: Bool = true)



Describes how the entity should be anchored in AR.


A Boolean you set to true to preserve the current world space position, or false to use the position relative to the previous anchor for the new anchor.

See Also

Configuring the Anchor

var anchoring: AnchoringComponent

The component that describes how virtual content is anchored to the real world.

struct AnchoringComponent

A description of how virtual content can be anchored to the real world.

var anchorIdentifier: UUID?

The identifier of the AR anchor with which the anchor entity is associated, or nil if it isn’t currently anchored.

protocol HasAnchoring

An interface that enables anchoring of virtual content to a real-world object in an AR scene.