Instance Method


Tells the view that its window property is set to a new value.


@objc override dynamic func didMoveToWindow()

See Also

Managing the View

var frame: NSRect

The frame rectangle, which describes the view’s location and size in the coordinate system of the view’s superview.

var contentScaleFactor: CGFloat

The scale factor of the content in the view.

func didMoveToSuperview()

Tells the view that its superview changed.

func layoutSubviews()

Lays out subviews.

class var layerClass: AnyClass

The class used to create the layer for view instances.

func makeBackingLayer() -> CALayer

Creates the view’s backing layer.

func viewDidChangeBackingProperties()

Tells the view when its backing store properties change.

func viewDidMoveToSuperview()

Tells the view that it has a new superview or that the view’s superview has been removed.