Instance Method


Tells the view when one or more fingers are raised from the view.


@objc override dynamic func touchesEnded(_ touches: Set<UITouch>, with event: UIEvent?)



A set of UITouch instances that represent the touches whose values changed. These touches all belong to the specified event. For touches in a view, this set contains only one touch by default. To receive multiple touches, set the view’s isMultipleTouchEnabled property to true.


The event to which the touches belong.


See touchesEnded(_:with:) for more information.

See Also

Handling Touch Input

func touchesBegan(Set<UITouch>, with: UIEvent?)

Tells the view that one or more new touches occurred.

func touchesMoved(Set<UITouch>, with: UIEvent?)

Tells the view when one or more touches associated with an event changed.

func touchesCancelled(Set<UITouch>, with: UIEvent?)

Tells the view when a system event (such as a system alert) cancels a touch sequence.