Instance Method


Installs standard gestures onto the given entity, configured to be recognized simultaneously.


@discardableResult func installGestures(_ gestures: ARView.EntityGestures = .all, for entity: HasCollision) -> [EntityGestureRecognizer]



The gesture types to install.


The entity with which to associate the gesture recognizers.

Return Value

The set of gesture recognizers created to handle the requested gestures.

See Also

Adding Gesture Recognizers to Entities

struct ARView.EntityGestures

The set of possible entity gesture recognizers.

func gestureRecognizer(UIGestureRecognizer, shouldRecognizeSimultaneouslyWith: UIGestureRecognizer) -> Bool

Determines whether two gesture recognizers should simultaneously recognize a gesture.

class EntityRotationGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer that uses rotation gestures involving two touches to rotate a given entity.

class EntityScaleGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer that uses a pinch gesture to scale or zoom an entity.

class EntityTranslationGestureRecognizer

A gesture recognizer that uses a pan gesture to move an entity.

protocol EntityGestureRecognizer

An type of gesture recognizer that works on entities.