Type Property


Disable automatic updates of the scene lighting.


static let disableAutomaticLighting: ARView.RenderOptions


By default, ARKit analyzes the scene lighting in captured camera images and automatically updates lighting in the scene. Add the disableAutomaticLighting option to the AR view’s renderOptions to disable the feature.

See Also

Disabling Rendering Effects

static let disableAREnvironmentLighting: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable lighting from environment probes provided by ARKit.

static let disableDepthOfField: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable the depth of field effect for all virtual content.

static let disableGroundingShadows: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable rendering of ambient occlusion and shadows that ground objects in an AR scene.

static let disableMotionBlur: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable motion blur for all virtual content.

static let disableHDR: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable high definition rendering.