Type Property


Disable automatic face occlusion.


static let disableFaceOcclusions: ARView.RenderOptions


By default, ARKit detects users in the frame, and hides content behind a user’s face. Add the disableFaceOcclusions option to the AR view’s renderOptions to disable this feature.

See Also

Disabling Rendering Effects

static let disableAREnvironmentLighting: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable lighting from environment probes provided by ARKit.

static let disableDepthOfField: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable the depth of field effect for all virtual content.

static let disableGroundingShadows: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable rendering of ambient occlusion and shadows that ground objects in an AR scene.

static let disableMotionBlur: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable motion blur for all virtual content.

static let disableHDR: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable high definition rendering.

static let disableAutomaticLighting: ARView.RenderOptions

Disable automatic updates of the scene lighting.