Type Property


Disable rendering of ambient occlusion and shadows that ground objects in an AR scene.


static let disableGroundingShadows: ARView.RenderOptions


Objects in the real world cast a grounding shadow onto adjacent surfaces due to ambient light. This provides viewers with a visual cue that the object is in close proximity to the surface. Objects without a grounding shadow appear disconnected from their environment. To create the same visual cue for virtual objects, RealityKit provides a grounding shadow effect.

A side-by-side comparison of a virtual object — a three dimensional sphere — in a scene with and without grounding shadows applied to the sphere. Without the shadow, it's difficult to tell where the sphere is in relation to the surface. With the shadow, the sphere appears to rest on the surface.

Applying this effect involves a low, constant GPU cost. You can disable the effect by adding the disableGroundingShadows option to the view’s renderOptions set, if needed. Disabling the effect is most useful for older devices, like those with an A9 processor or earlier.

See Also

Disabling Rendering Effects

static let disableHDR: ARView.RenderOptions

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static let disableMotionBlur: ARView.RenderOptions

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static let disableDepthOfField: ARView.RenderOptions

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