Instance Property


The child entities that the entity manages.


var children: ChildCollection { get set }


See the HasHierarchy protocol’s definition of children for more information.

See Also

Establishing a Hierarchy

var parent: Entity?

The parent entity.

func setParent(Entity?, preservingWorldTransform: Bool)

Attaches the entity as a child to the specified entity.

func removeFromParent(preservingWorldTransform: Bool)

Removes the entity from its current parent or from the scene if it is a root entity.

func addChild(Entity, preservingWorldTransform: Bool)

Adds the given entity to the collection of child entities.

func removeChild(Entity, preservingWorldTransform: Bool)

Removes the given child from the entity.

struct Entity.ChildCollection

A collection of child entities.

protocol HasHierarchy

An interface that provides access to a parent entity and child entities.