Instance Method


Calls the given closure in a way such that component changes that the closure makes don’t trigger synchronization.


func withUnsynchronized(_ changes: () -> Void)



A closure that the method calls while suppressing synchronization triggers.


Use this method to make local changes that don’t affect remote peers, like aligning a billboard component to face the local camera.

Using this method doesn’t permanently prevent changes from being synchronized. If you modify the same components immediately before the call to withUnsynchronized(_:), or anytime afterward, the changes are synchronized.

If the local peer doesn’t own the associated entity, changes that the remote owner makes continue to synchronize, overwriting local, unsynchronized changes.

See Also

Synchronizing an Entity Among Peers

var synchronization: SynchronizationComponent?

The entity’s synchronization component.

struct SynchronizationComponent

A component that synchronizes an entity between processes and networked applications.

var isOwner: Bool

A Boolean that indicates whether the calling process owns the entity.

protocol HasSynchronization

An interface that enables an entity to be synchronized between processes and networked applications.