Instance Method


Removes the entity from its current parent or from the scene if it is a root entity.


func removeFromParent(preservingWorldTransform: Bool = false)



A Boolean that you set to true to preserve the entity’s world transform, or false to preserve its relative transform. Use true when you want a model to keep its effective location and size within a scene.


This method behaves like the setParent(_:preservingWorldTransform:) method with a value of nil for the parent parameter, except that method has no effect on root entities. A root entity is one that is stored in a scene’s anchors collection.

The children collections of any modified parent entities are automatically updated as well.

See Also

Managing the Parent

var parent: Entity?

The parent entity.

func setParent(Entity?, preservingWorldTransform: Bool)

Attaches the entity as a child to the specified entity.