A service that provides scene synchronization among all peers in a multipeer connectivity session.


class MultipeerConnectivityService


Creating a Connectivity Service

init(session: MCSession)

Creates a new connectivity service.

Getting the Session

let session: MCSession

The multipeer connectivity session used by the service.

Managing Ownership

func owner(of: Entity) -> SynchronizationPeerID?

Gets the device that owns a given entity.

func giveOwnership(of: Entity, toPeer: SynchronizationPeerID) -> Bool

Transfers ownership of the given entity to the named network device.

protocol SynchronizationPeerID

A type that represents a peer among a group of networked devices.

Finding an Entity


See Also

Network Synchronization

protocol SynchronizationService

An interface that enables entity synchronization among a group of local peers.

enum SynchronizationEvents

Events associated with network synchronization of scene information.