Events the scene triggers.


enum SceneEvents


Update Events

struct SceneEvents.Update

An event triggered once per frame interval that you can use to execute custom logic for each frame.

struct SceneEvents.AnchoredStateChanged

An event triggered when the anchored state of an anchoring entity changes.

See Also

Getting and Sending Events

func publisher<E>(for: E.Type, on: EventSource?) -> Scene.Publisher<E>

Generates a publisher for events of the specified type.

struct Scene.Publisher

A publisher for the given event type in the scene.

enum AnimationEvents

Events triggered by the RealityKit animation system.

enum AudioEvents

Events associated with audio playback.

enum CollisionEvents

Events associated with collisions.

protocol Event

A type that can be sent as an event.

protocol EventSource

A type on which events can be published and subscribed.