An object containing methods for starting and controlling a broadcast.


class RPBroadcastController : NSObject


Controlling the Broadcast

var broadcastURL: URL

A URL that redirects users to an ongoing or completed broadcast.

func pauseBroadcast()

Pauses the current broadcast.

func resumeBroadcast()

Resumes a paused broadcast.

var serviceInfo: [String : NSCoding & NSObjectProtocol]?

Information updated by the service during a broadcast.

Retrieving Information About the Broadcast

var broadcastExtensionBundleID: String

The bundle ID for the selected broadcast service.

var isBroadcasting: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the controller is broadcasting.

var isPaused: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the broadcast is paused.

Getting the Delegate

var delegate: RPBroadcastControllerDelegate?

The delegate for the broadcast controller.

protocol RPBroadcastControllerDelegate

The protocol you implement to respond to changes in a live broadcast.


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Media Clip Processing

class RPBroadcastHandler

An object that sends messages to the broadcasting app.

class RPBroadcastSampleHandler

An object that processes buffer objects as received from ReplayKit.

class RPBroadcastMP4ClipHandler

An object that processes MP4 movie clips from ReplayKit.