A class used by your app to interact with a content blocker extension.


class SFContentBlockerManager : NSObject


Use this class to determine the state of your content blocker and reload the content-blocking rules used by Safari.


Acting Based on the State of Your Content Blocker

Reloading Your Content-Blocking Rules

class func reloadContentBlocker(withIdentifier: String, completionHandler: ((Error?) -> Void)?)

Tells Safari to reload the specified extension’s content-blocking rules.


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See Also

Content Blockers

Creating a Content Blocker

Create a Content Blocker for Safari in Xcode.

class SFContentBlockerState

The state of a content blocker extension.

let SFContentBlockerErrorDomain: String

The domain for content blocker errors.

enum SFContentBlockerErrorCode

Messages that describe a content blocker error.


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