A protocol used to implement event handling in a Safari app extension.


protocol SFSafariExtensionHandling


Receiving Messages in Your App Extension

func messageReceived(withName: String, from: SFSafariPage, userInfo: [String : Any]?)

Called when a message is received from an injected script.

func messageReceivedFromContainingApp(withName: String, userInfo: [String : Any]?)

Called when a message is received from the extension's containing app.

Responding to Context Menu Selections

Working with Toolbar Items

func toolbarItemClicked(in: SFSafariWindow)

Called when a toolbar item associated with the app extension is clicked.

func validateToolbarItem(in: SFSafariWindow, validationHandler: (Bool, String) -> Void)

Called in response to a requested update or a browser state change that may affect the toolbar item.

Working with Popovers

func popoverViewController() -> SFSafariExtensionViewController

Asks the handler to provide a popover view controller for display.

func popoverWillShow(in: SFSafariWindow)

Tells the handler that the app extension's popover is about to be opened.

func popoverDidClose(in: SFSafariWindow)

Tells the handler that the app extension's popover was closed.


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