An object that provides browsers with the ability to discover associations between an app and a website.


class SFUniversalLink : NSObject


Universal links are a bridge between a native app and a website that have related content, such as products or services. Typically, clicking on a link in a browser takes the user to a website. However, the user may have an app that provides the same content and a better experience.

A web browser uses the SFUniversalLink class to discover such applications and provide the user additional options for interaction beyond the default browser behavior.

In order to use universal links, you will need to use the entitlement with a value of true.


Initializing a Link

init?(webpageURL: URL)

Creates a universal link object with the URL.

Configuring Universal Links

var applicationURL: URL

The URL that the application uses to handle the universal link.

var isEnabled: Bool

A flag that indicates whether the universal link is enabled.

var webpageURL: URL

The URL specified when initializing the receiver.


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