A constraint that orients a node to always point toward the current camera.


class SCNBillboardConstraint : SCNConstraint


An SCNBillboardConstraint object automatically adjusts a node’s orientation so that its local z-axis always points toward the pointOfView node currently being used to render the scene. For example, you can use a billboard constraint to efficiently render parts of a scene using two-dimensional sprite images instead of three-dimensional geometry—by mapping sprites onto planes affected by a billboard constraint, the sprites maintain their orientation with respect to the viewer. To attach constraints to an SCNNode object, use its constraints property.


Working with a Constraint’s Degrees of Freedom

var freeAxes: SCNBillboardAxis

An option that specifies which degrees of freedom the constraint affects.


struct SCNBillboardAxis

Options for locking the orientation of nodes affected by a billboard constraint.


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Orientation Constraints

class SCNLookAtConstraint

A constraint that orients a node to always point toward a specified other node.